Low Self Confidence

Q: What is low self-confidence?

Many people find that they often doubt themselves. They have trouble stepping forward and making their point, they struggle to reach out and connect with others, or they are paralyzed when it comes to taking action on a business idea. The one common denominator is that they lack self-confidence. They lack that ability to fully trust in their ability, their choices, and their skills, and therefore remain left behind.

Q: What causes low of self-confidence?

In some cases a lack of self-confidence does make sense. If you don’t have a certain skill or ability, acting as if you do can be foolish or even harmful. Imagine a someone walking into an operating room and saying "I never went to medical school, but I’ll try and do this brain surgery anyways!" In other cases, where the person does have the skill or ability that’s needed to get the job done, it can be more complicated. Sometimes a lack of self-confidence comes from a fear of the consequences of making a mistake, sometimes it comes from hearing a constant message in ones younger years that they aren’t able to get the job done, and other times it can come from a general sense of not being good enough over all.


Q: Can therapy help with low self-confidence?

Therapy can often be extremely helpful in defining what you want, what you actually are competent in, and what is getting in the way of being able to act on the knowledge. Therapy can also work on unblocking those areas where you are stuck in moving forward, and help you resolve whatever issues are getting in the way of having self-confidence. For many people, the difference it makes in their life is so large, that they feel it's well worth the investment.


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