About Me

Joel Yisrael Kleinman, LCSW

I couldn't imagine being anything other than a therapist.

I relish the challenge of untangling complex situations, I gain a deep sense of satisfaction from helping people people start living a fulfilling and satisfying life, and I love connecting and listening on a deep level.

My approach to therapy is methodical. I first find out what you want to change. We then discuss different possible ways of achieving that change. You then choose an approach and we try it out. We then notice the results in the real world, and use that information to further customize your treatment.

Because not all problems and people are the same, I find it essential to carry a wide array of tools in my therapist toolbelt. While some of my clients wish to explore the deep roots of their problems, others prefer to focus on their current thoughts and behaviors. Yet others find it helpful to use their time speaking about what's bothering them so they can gain clarity and insight, while some like to pick my brain for advice and information.

I strongly believe that my client has valuable insight and understanding into what they need, and that following their lead often turns out to be incredibly productive.

  • I have an MSW from Kean University
  • I am licensed as an LCSW in NJ - License #44SC05807200
  • I specialize in treating Anxiety, Fears/Phobias, OCD, Self Esteem Issues, Relationships, and Child Rearing
  • I work with Adolescents, Teens, and Adults